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Who We Are

We are your friends and neighbors, Lane County residents living just outside the Springfield city limits, and we care about the livability, sustainability and long-term economic vitality of the greater Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area.

Our Mission? Rainbow Water District provides high-quality drinking water and fire protection and emergency response services at a fair cost to our customers while protecting our assets for long-term success.

Our Vision? Rainbow Water (and Fire) District is an independent utility district that serves its customers with distinction in customer service and value. Relationships with neighbor districts and partner agencies are characterized by mutual respect and understanding of their individual missions. Rainbow actively explores potential joint efforts that will add value to its customers. Investments in fire protection, emergency  preparedness, and aging asset replacement are planned and implemented to ensure a safe, adequate, and accessible water supply. The historic “Rainbow will go away” dialogue has changed to “Rainbow provides value by executing its mission.” Rainbow maintains a positive workplace for its employees, who are engaged  professionals thriving within a small, versatile, can‐do team culture. Rainbow staff stay well‐informed of  external industry trends and apply them to district operations.

The five Strategic Pillars that help Rainbow accomplish our mission and vision are:

1. We seek to be a high value provider to our customers and meet obligations to our wholesale customer, SUB.

2. We want to protect and maintain a safe, adequate and accessible water supply.

3. We strive to operate efficiently and profitably and remain in good financial health.

4. We seek strategic relationships and win-win solutions for Rainbow and partner agencies/districts.

5. We support Rainbow's people, and developing a high quality staff to support Rainbow's mission.

We are happy to help the independent water systems of Marcola, Deerhorn, Shangri-La, Blue River and Shenandoah as well, contracting with these communities and providing a Small System Support Network to provide assistance ranging from processing bills to providing management and support services for operations and long-range planning.

Thank you for letting us serve you!

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