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Budget Billing

Do you live on a fixed or limited income, or would knowing how much your water bill will be make your life easier?  Sign up for the Budget Billing Plan in October!  When you average your yearly bills, you will build up a credit during the winter months to help pay those typically higher summer water bills. 

When you sign up for the Budget Billing Plan, we will continue to read your water meter each month.  But, instead of billing for your actual usage you will get a bill for the averaged amount which is calculated using last year’s water usage. 

At the end of the Billing Plan year, if you have used less water than predicted you will have a credit balance. If you have used more water than predicted, you will have a balance owing.  The balance will be added to next year’s budget calculations and your monthly payment will be adjusted accordingly.   You can only enroll in October, but you can discontinue anytime.  Remember, if you owe a balance it will become due in full during the next billing cycle. 

Make sure you are paying attention to your water usage under the meter reading section of your bill.  You will no longer be able to tell if you have a leak by the amount of your water bill.  You can call our office anytime to check on how much your average bill is keeping up with your actual water bill. 

The deadline to enroll for the 2023 year will be October 13, 2023.  You may complete the Budget Billing Application now and email the application to 

Budget Billing Application
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