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Water System Master Plan

The Oregon Health Authority requires community water systems to plan at least 20 years in advance to ensure that the water system infrastructure is in place to support community development. See OAR 333-061-0060 (5). Rainbow's latest version of our Water System Master Plan was prepared in partnership with SUB. 


Water Management and Conservation Plan

The Oregon Water Resources Department requires community water systems to efficient and sustainable use of water resources. We are required to report how much water we use, what programs we have in place to find leaks, and how we educate customers to promote and encourage water conservation. See OAR 690-086-0010. Rainbow's latest version of our Water Management and Conservation Plan was prepared in partnership with SUB. A five-year update is underway for 2023.


Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

 Per 44 CFR 201.1(b), "The purpose of mitigation planning is for state, local and Indian tribal governments to identify the natural hazards that impact them, to identify actions and activities to reduce any losses from those hazards, and to establish a coordinated process to implement the plan, taking advantage of a wide range of resources." To be eligible for FEMA reimbursements associated with some disaster declarations, Rainbow participated in the latest version of the Eugene-Springfield Area Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan along with the Cities of Eugene and Springfield, EWEB, and SUB. 


Public Facilities and Services Plan

 The Oregon Lane Conservation and Development Department, in support of Statewide Goal 11, requires cities to develop and adopt a public facility strategy for areas with an urban growth boundary (UGB). See OAR 660-011-000. Since Rainbow's service area lies within the UGB that the City of Springfield is responsible to plan for, Rainbow has supported the efforts of the City of Springfield and other agencies to include Rainbow water facilities within the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area Public Facilities and Services Plan. The current version is dated December 2001 with amendements as of December 2011, but an update is in process as a joint effort by the City of Springfield, City of Eugene, and Lane County.

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