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Established by a 1940 Lane County election, Marcola residents chose the first five members of the Board of Commissioners and voted to form the district for the purpose of supplying water for drinking and household use. The district also has authority to manage a small system of streetlights and storm drains.

Rainbow Water District has managed the Marcola Water District since 1994. We appreciate our partnership with the community of Marcola, and are pleased to recognize that the Marcola Water District earned an Outstanding Performance award at their last public health inspection

Marcola's Water System utilizes a system of six wells and two reservoirs to serve about 240 homes. Marcola Water District employs two part-time operators to perform daily operations and maintenance, with oversight from Rainbow staff and support for office administration and larger repairs.

In the event of an emergency, we will attempt to contact you by phone or email if we have your information. We will also post updates on this website and make an announcement on the Mohawk Valley Neighbors Facebook group.

ownload the 2021 Water Quality Report for water quality information. See our conservation page for ways to conserve water.

2021 Marcola CCR.pdf


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