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Rainbow Water District entered into a contract to start assisting the Deerhorn Community Water Association in January 2016. Rainbow processes monthly water bills and provides the state-licensed operator responsible for overall water system operation. Rainbow supports Deerhorn operators with maintenance, repairs and troublehsooting.

The Deerhorn Community Water Association was established in 1968 as a nonprofit cooperative corporation to serve water to a rural subdivision. Deerhorn's water system uses two wells and two storage reservoirs to serve 120 homes. Deerhorn employs 3 part-time operators to perform daily operations and maintenance.

The annual Association Membership Meeting is held at 7 pm on a Monday in January. Board meetings are held as needed during the year.

The 2024 meeting is scheduled for February 26. Meeting agenda items include:

  • Election of Board Members
  • Financial Report
  • Planned Maintenance Projects
  • Water Rate Changes

Download the annual Water Quality Report for water quality information.

2022 Deerhorn CCR.pdf2021 Deerhorn CCR.pdf

For bill & water questions, call Rainbow Water District at 541-746-1676
Mail bills to: Rainbow Water District, PO Box 8, Springfield, OR 97477

Please call for emergency assistance in the following order:

(1) DCWA Office and System Operators

541-896-3185 Lead Operator Darlene Valtinson
Operator Duane Carter 
Operator Bob Phillips 

(2) DCWA Board Members

541-896-3381 President Dale Ledyard
541-896-3715 Vice President Peter Barrett
541-953-1742 Secretary-Treasurer Bart Thompson
541-896-3166 Board Member Ken Kensler
541-556-8087 Board Member Richard Haynes

(3) Rainbow Water District

541-746-1676 RWD Office and 24-hour answering service/dispatcher

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