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SHENANDOAH HEIGHTS is a rural subdivision off Worth Road and Upper Camp Creek Road, platted in 1965. Home owners formed a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation to provide water.

Rainbow Water District entered into a contract to start assisting the Deerhorn Community Water Association in October 2019. Shenandoah performs their own meter reading and bookkeeping, but contracts with Rainbow to provide a state-licensed operator for system operation. This  system serves 33 homes sharing one well and one storage tank. This is an unchlorinated system and no treatment is required.

The annual Membership Meeting is typically held on a Sunday afternoon in September. Board meetings are held as needed during the year. Meeting agenda items include:

  • Election of Board Members
  • Financial Report
  • Planned Maintenance Projects
  • Water Rate Changes

Download the annual Water Quality Report for water quality information.

2022 Shenandoah CCR.pdf2021 Shenandoah CCR.pdf


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