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Water Quality FAQs

Is my tap water safe to drink? 

Yes! Rainbow's professional water operators routinely sample and analyze water quality from the source, through our treatment process, and throughout our distribution system to ensure a water service that meets or exceeds all drinking water standards established by state and federal regulations.

With increased public awareness on issues related to health and infectious diseases, Rainbow staff are occasionally asked whether tap water could be the cause of illness. This is highly unlikely, since Rainbow provides water that is treated to high-quality standards, maintains adequate chlorine residual throughout the distribution system, and uses utmost care in maintaining its distribution system.

How can I get my water tested? 

Private laboratories can test your tap water for a fee. Not all labs are accredited to test for all contaminants. For information about accredited labs, call the Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program at (503) 693-4122.

Where can I get additional information about my water quality? 

View Rainbow's annual W ater Quality Reports for more information about our water system and water testing results. The report includes information about sodium, an essential nutrient for which there is currently no drinking water standard.  Rainbow does not add fluoride.

If you have other questions call Rainbow's office at 541-746-1676.


Is it safe to drink water from a garden hose? 

Substances used in vinyl garden hoses to keep them flexible can get into the water as it passes through the hose. These substances are not good for you or your pets. There are hoses made with “food-grade” plastics that will not contaminate the water, although microbial contaminants may still accumulate after a hose sits unused.

Is it okay to use water from the hot water tap for drinking, cooking, or making baby formula? 

Water from the hot water faucet should not be used for drinking or food or beverage preparation. Hot water systems (tanks, boilers) contain metallic parts that corrode over time and contaminate the water. Hot water is more corrosive than cold water and is more likely to contain unhealthy compounds.

Is bottled water better than my tap water? 

Rainbow’s water meets very stringent state and federal water quality standards, and we test for more than what is required. Standards for bottled water are far less stringent than the standards we meet. (Bottled water is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, while tap water is requlated by the Environmental Protection Agency.) In studies done by independent organizations, some bottled water was not all that it had claimed to be. In fact, much of it comes from municipal water systems. Bottled water creates a tremendous amount of plastic waste, and there is the issue of price. For the price of a case of the cheapest bottled water (about 3 gallons) you can buy 1500 gallons of tap water! We have them beat on quality, safety, and price!

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