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Readiness involves planning ahead and being prepared for the unknown. Rainbow strives to be ready in several areas. These areas include:

  • Planning. Actively participating in local and regional plans with partner agencies to anticipate future needs or events and have a strategy for dealing with the need. This may be due to natural community growth or in response to a natural disaster or human-caused emergeny event.
  • Emergency Preparedness. Emergencies can occur without warning, but planning ahead and envisioning some possible scenarios can reduce the impact of the emergency and allow for faster response and recovery. Many of the aspects of our emergency planning are confidential and not publicly shared, but we want you to know that we do our best to anticipate and be prepared for multiple scenarios.
  • Financial. Growing with our community and having capacity to respond in a crisis requires financial reserves and investment in our personnel, equipment and infrastructure.

You can help make yourself ready for an emergency. Know your evacuation zone. Develop a list of emergency supplies. Enroll in one of the area Emergency Alert Systems to receive notifications during outages and trouble.

If we have a water system emergency, we may use one of the notification systems or our own customer phone and email list. Keeping this information updated can help us communicate with you in a timely manner in the event of an incident such as a large main break or a boil water emergency.


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