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Water Projects 2023

Operating a water system requires constant maintenance. Valves must be located when brush grows over them, and operated to make sure they will open and shut as needed, when needed. Fire hydrants and meter boxes can also get covered by fast-growing plants, and we may have to work with residents to clear vegetation and maintain access. We go through a multi-step maintenance procedure for half of our fire hydrants each year, and this year we also gave all Rainbow hydrants a new coat of bright yellow paint and an identification tag with Rainbow's phone number. We lubricate our well pump motors, mow fields and repair fences where tree limbs may have caused damage over the winter, and prepare our seasonal water sources for summer work.

In late June and early July, Rainbow's operations crew will paint a new coating on both of our reservoirs, Kelly Reservoir on Kelly Butte and Moe Reservoir on Vitus Butte.

Photo of Moe Reservoir
Moe Reservoir
Photo of Kelly Reservoir
Kelly Reservoir before 2015 painting



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