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Water Efficient Plants

To reduce your watering demand, you can design your landscaping with plants that consume less water. See a helpful guide prepared by EWEB and partners,
Water-Efficient Plants For The Willamette Valley.


The best way to determine your sprinkler system output is to use a watering gauge and ruler to conduct the following test:

  • Place your older Green Grass Gauge or a DIY Watering Gauge in an area of the lawn where it receives a typical amount of water.
  • Move the gauge around the lawn area between each watering cycle to help identify dry spots.
  • Do not place it under trees, shrubs or other plantings.
  • If you want to water twice a week, use the two-day a week watering recommendation. If you want to water three times a week, use the three-day a week watering recommendation.
  • Run the sprinklers until the watering gauge is filled to the ​weekly watering recommendation​. Emptying the gauge between each watering cycle will help you to know if you are watering the recommended amount each time the sprinklers run.
  • You may click the link above to see the weekly recommendation and you have the option at that link to sign up for a weekly Thursday email. (We also post this information on Rainbow's Facebook page.)
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