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Ice Storm Recovery - January 18, 2024 - Noon Update

Rainbow's office has no working phone or internet due to the area Comcast outage. We have no power but have been able to keep our office going on generator power. We are monitoring email via cell phone, and posting daily updates on our website ( ) and more often on our Facebook page ( ). If you need to report a water leak or other water emergency, please email until further notice.

Rainbow continues to run 4 of our 8 winter use wells. Two use EWEB power, one uses SUB power, and one is running from a generator. Freeze and electrical damage from the ice storm and power outages has other water sources offline. Communication wires are also broken, so we have to physically inspect equipment 24/7 and cannot rely on remote monitoring systems. SUB is working to restore electrical power around Harvest Lane which will allow us to start additional wells. This may also help improve our monitoring capabilities.

SUB has experienced their own damage and power outages to water sources and issued a boil water notice for the "West" and "East" portions of the water system, those areas south of Highway 126 and east of Kelly Butte. . We are sending all the extra water we can to help SUB support Springfield while still keeping water level in the Kelly and Moe Reservoirs. Rainbow customers are NOT impacted. We will share updates from SUB when they are able to lift their boil water advisory.

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