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Ice Storm Recovery - Jan 19, 2024 Update

**corrected typo in our phone number**

Ice Storm Recovery - January 19, 2024 - 9 am Update

Rainbow's office is still powered by a generator but our phones and internet have been restored so we can take calls at 541-746-1676. We are also monitoring emails to and comments on our Facebook page. We are posting daily updates on our website ( ) and more often on our Facebook page ( ).

Rainbow continues to run just 4 of our 8 winter use wells. Two use EWEB power, one uses SUB power, and one is running from a generator. SUB was able to run 1 well to help us fill Kelly and Moe Reservoirs last night so the North System condition has improved. We are still needing to physically inspect equipment 24/7 since our communications system is broken and we cannot rely on remote monitoring systems, but we hope to make progress on that as well.

SUB is hosting a press conference at 10 am to provide updates on their water and electric restoration for Springfield. This should be covered by TV and radio, but we understand it will also be broadcast live on the City of Springfield's Facebook page at .

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