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Click here to download our Cross Connection Survey which you may complete online then either print and mail or save and attach as an email.

Cross Connection Survey

Water should flow from Rainbow’s piping system to you, and never in the opposite direction. A backflow device is a device installed between the public and private systems to protect against "cross connect" situations that might allow reverse flow to occur. The backflow might happen because your pressure is temporarily boosted higher than the pressure in our water main (e.g., a faulty roof-mounted solar water heater system), or our water main pressure temporarily drops below your pressure and siphons the water into our main (e.g., sprinkler system, swimming pool or hot tub). For more information about types of potential contamination, see our water quality brochure.

Water Quality Brochure

We are required by the state to survey customers and investigate likely sources that could result in a cross connection. We work in a different area of the system each year, so please cooperate with our inspectors if you are contacted. Our inspectors will drive an official Rainbow vehicle and carry a Rainbow identification card.

Where necessary to protect the public health, we are authorized to require installation of an appropriate device, or to ensure that you have disconnected the potential source of contamination from our system. To ensure that a backflow device is functioning properly and only allowing flow in one direction, water providers work with property owners, plumbers and licensed contractors to install and annually test these devices.

You may click the link to download a backflow brochure that provides more detail about the types of devices available and how they are used. This brochure is an example of the collaboration between Regional Water Providers.

Backflow Devices Brochure
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