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About Our Water

Rainbow’s water comes from wells, with the groundwater naturally filtered by local sands and gravels as it is pumped from the ground. We add a small amount of chlorine as a disinfectant. We do not add any fluoride.

Pure water is neutral and will measure 7.0 on a pH scale of 0-14. Numbers less than 7 are said to be acidic. Numbers greater than 7 are basic, or alkaline. Each well has slightly different characteristics, due to the mineral content of the sands and gravels that the water flows past. Our water's chemistry can vary slightly, depending on which wells are operating. The pH of Rainbow’s water typically ranges from 6.8 to 7.5.

Water is referred to as “hard” if it contains high mineral content. While the mineral content varies at our different wellfields, most of Rainbow’s water is considered “soft”. Mineral content, particularly sodium, is slightly higher during the summer months when additional wells are started up to meet seasonal demands.

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