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Rainbow Water District entered into a contract to start assisting Deerhorn in January 2016. Rainbow processes monthly water bills and supports the Deerhorn operators with annual maintenance, repairs and troublehsooting.

The Deerhorn Community Water Association was established in 1968 as a cooperative corporation to serve water to a rural subdivision. Deerhorn's water system uses two wells and two storage reservoirs to serve 120 homes. Deerhorn employs 3 part-time operators to perform daily operations and maintenance.

The annual Association Membership Meeting is usually held at 7 pm on the second Monday of January. Board meetings are held as needed during the year.

Download the 2018 Water Quality Report for water quality information. See Rainbow's conservation page for ways to conserve water.

Deerhorn System Contact Information

For questions on your bill, call Rainbow Water District at 541-746-1676
Mail bills to: Rainbow Water District, PO Box 8, Springfield, OR 97477

For questions about water quality or system operations, call 541-896-3236
Association Office: DCWA, 41789 Madrone St., Springfield, OR 97478
Please call for emergency assistance in the following order:

(1) DCWA Office and System Operators

541-896-3185 Lead Operator Darlene Valtinson
541-896-0579 Operator Lowell Stanley
503-702-5082 Operator Mike Jennie

(2) DCWA Board Members

541-896-3692 President Loren Berry
541-896-0106 Vice President Jack Holthaus
541-896-3381 Board Member Dale Ledyard
541-896-3166 Board Member Ken Kensler
541-556-8087 Board Member Richard Haynes

(3) Rainbow Water District

541-746-1676 RWD Office and 24-hour answering service/dispatcher