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Winter Freeze Protection

Here are some tips to help cope with cold weather:

* Insulate all pipes located in unheated areas, such as in the garage and garden. Inexpensive foam insulation is available at most home-improvement stores.

* Drain and winterize your sprinklers and backflow preventer. Wrap the backflow preventer with insulating material.

* Disconnect outside hoses. Wrap faucets and install plastic or faucet covers.

* Cover crawl space vents when temperatures dip below freezing. (Remember to uncover the vents when the weather warms up.)

* At 20 degrees or less, turn on a small but steady stream of cold water at the inside faucet furthest from the water meter. Also, open cabinet doors below the sink to let warm air circulate around water pipes.

* If you will be away during an extended period, turn off the water main to your house at the hand valve, then drain the pipes by flushing toilets and running water through faucets. Turn off your water heater at the breaker.

If your pipes freeze, wrap the frozen portion of pipe with warm towels. Never use a flame or hair dryer to thaw pipes. If your pipes break, attempt to shut off your water at the hand valve.

If you need assistance turning off your water, please call Rainbow!

Water Leaks

Not sure if you have a leak? You are responsible for all the piping on the house side of the meter. On the top of many of our water meters, near the odometer-style numbers, will be a “leak detector” in the shape of a red triangle. Make sure you are not using any water in the house and watch the triangle for a few minutes. If the triangle is spinning you are using water somewhere and might have a leak. If you have a newer digital meter, you might see a flashing faucet icon that indicates a leak. Call our office at 541-746-1676 and we can tell you how to look for leaks yourself, or send someone to help you look for a leak.

If you see water pouring into the street or have a puddle form in your yard that does not drain off, there might be a leak at the main or on our side of the water meter. Please call our office at 541-746-1676 and report any concerns and we will investigate the problem and repair as necessary. If you call the office outside of business hours, our answering service will relay the information to our on call Utility Worker.

Thank you for doing your part to help us conserve water!